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The best in business!

Jun 16, 2014
Hi everyone! Miss you guys! So who are your fav companions? Companions brings a whole new level up in pirate101. Ya gotta love their sense of humor and how they speak in the story line! I have a biiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiig list of companions I like. Hope I don't use too many characters here. Ok here are who are my fav companions.1. Bonnie anne. 2. Gaspard de vole 3. Subodai 4. Sarah Steele 5. El Toro
Yep. You gotta love Bonnie! Well who are your fav companions? Tell me and I'll get back to you asap! Thanks for reading and I'll see ya in the spiral!
Friendly Taylor Silver
Level 55 swashbuckler

Feb 11, 2010
Well, at the top of my list is a tie between Buffalo Bill and Louis. Both do good damage and last long. Buffalo Bill has better epics for a musketeer, while Louis has great armor.

Got a lot more:
Chicken Sheriff
Ridolfo Capoferro
ALL the bison companions
Kan Po
Fan Flanders
Eric Jolly
Kobe Yojimbo
Both Mustangs
Duck Holliday
Hidenari Kuga
Lt. Springer
...and many more I cannot think of right now.

Sorry, I'm just not a fan of Bonnie or Toro. They die a lot.

Black Wolf Bowman Level 65