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Thank you for the skip ability!!

Jan 17, 2012
Now the automatic move becomes very very useful.

Now I can answer someone's question and not worry that missing a round is going to doom me.

May 30, 2010
Making the crew slightly brighter and letting us tell them to stay still makes using the automated crew option both more interesting and safer.

Sep 19, 2012
highly agree! was a great bit of polish to a lovely system (for us that lag lol) my only concern is if miss bonnie's gonna heal at the drop of a single hp(since her special heal is best saved for in-the-red moments lol) or heal a pet or companion before me.. and if she'd heal after someone has used a heal on that particular target or first(which would be better).. cant wait until my new computer arrives.. my old one is now band-aided and somewhat functioning, so i plan on attempting a fight or two to test.. <3

stormy jen silver