Teleportation Stones?

May 02, 2010
Im wondering if you can add the teleportation pads like in the marleybone,and mooshu versions of wizard101 to pirate101? If you do suggest this idea thanks.

Dead-Eye Blaine
Level 50

Dec 13, 2008
Yes. Me and my friend were doing quests and noticed that there is a lot of running involved. Not that I mind, it's free XP, but an easy way to teleport from Skull Island to Monquista... In Wizard101 there was a spiral, but I do understand that this isn't Wizard101.

Ramon Rachman
Level 12 (Just started)

Jun 08, 2009
I agree, we do need these portal stones. I tried porting to life stones but the reset timer is too long and sometimes you get ported to the area you just left. Gold Mine is one annoying area where I really wished for the porting ability.