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Swashbuckler's Need a Nerf

Apr 26, 2009
Fine, maybe not a nerf, but they need to be toned down, or at the very least, for PvP. KingsIsle, believe me, I understand, Swashbucklers are your glass cannons, dishing out tons of damage, with not much room to take a beating, however, is that only how they were designed. The issue is, their stealth completely negates this concept. Giving Swashbuckler's the ability to double their damage, even for just one attack is playing with a nuclear bomb. It's a reasonable concept, but it needs counterplay. Stealthing used to be able to be cancelled by using ground-targeted abilities on stealthed targets. This obviously gave Privateers and Musketeers a decent advantage against Swashbucklers, but after making stealth unable to be cancelled, a glass cannon now has immunity to damage. If that doesn't scare you, considering Swashbucklers can cast this on their entire crew is broken. Broken. You also can't go into a full retreat considering Swashbucklers are the fastest class in the game. At this point, the only class that has at least an even matchup with Swashbucklers are Privateers just because of their absorb shields and heals, if their heals can even save their own tanks from being one shot in one round. Speaking of which, Swashbucklers can destroy a Buccaneer in one turn. Even if I has a full set of no auction gear, even after casting Leviathan's Call, a Buccaneer, revered as the tank of the game, destroyed in only one turn. A Swashbuckler really only needs to take a team of full Swashbucklers (Sarah Steele, Flan Flanders, and El Toro), stack up buffs, agility, and crit, cast a group stealth if the opposing team even dares approach, and assassinate the pirate in one turn. Shutting down the pirate is shutting down the brain, and the body cannot function much longer without the brain, but the worst part is, is that there is nothing, absolutely nothing you can do about it.
Swashbucklers have the ability to one shot tanks in one turn, sometimes even in one attack if their lucky, however, with all that crit, they don't need too much luck. They lack counterplay, and if something isn't done on the test realm sooner or later, class diversity in the high ranks of PvP will be nonexistent. So, whether you nerf Swashbucklers, buff and compensate for other classes, or nerf Swashbucklers, KingsIsle, for the sake of your veteran players, for the sake of your experienced MMO players and PvP enthusiasts, balance your game.