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SvS House PvP!

Oct 12, 2012
My idea for Ship pvp would be pretty cool I've been told so i'm gonna tell you I guess. You see how your house is surrounded by a sky, what if there was a certain SvS station in your house near the Dock where you could select maximum players Of SvS and you could select your ship and a countdown you would have just like selection of companions it would then bring your ship out side split in two sides to where it would start redvsblue it would still show your house but it would basicly be like a background photo just like driving up to a floating island and you would press X to get back to it. Once your ship would be destroyed you would then be sent to a teams members ship when in combat if you get a ship to red you could board it or finish it off and sink there shipJust remember if that that ship has a recently Destroyed ship mate they May or may not join if you don't have one yourself for a 2v2 or a 1v1 Ect. You could flee but that would leave your shipmates at an uneven match!

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