Supplementary Class, Helper Stats, and more!

May 06, 2009
So I've been pondering over this for a while and I think I have a general idea on a good supplementary class as well as a cool stat that will boost current damage stats.

Brigand Class
The Brigands are outlaws that live by plundering, pillaging, and conduct warfare supported by their plundering. They base their tactics off of non-standard armies and other strategies.
In a Pirate101 sense, the Brigand class brings all the bits and pieces of other schools under one class (sorta like a Pirate101 Balance School). They can heal a little like Privateers. Have moderate Amor like Buccaneers. And can set a trap here or there like the Musketeers. Brigands are smart and tactical and bring out the fury of their crew and allies. The Brigand Class is a supplementary class that anyone is free to learn. Brigands have special moves that increase the damage of Powers or Stat Increasing Powers (such as Wind Spirit or Battle Zeal). An example would be an enchant that adds 1XDamage to Hurl Knife. They are stationed under the West Bastion near Cheif Gunner Rigby.

Slammy/Scratchy Weapons!
Brigands use a different kind of to the other classes. While Swashbucklers can use Stabby weapons and Witchdoctors Staffy, Brigands use Slammy or Scratchy Weapons. A Slammy/Scratchy Weapon is based around bare-handed combat; punches, kicks, scratches, clobbers and slams. They do not deal a heavy amount of damage but do boost other stats within the weapon such as high Armor Penatration. Typical examples are Spiked-Gauntlets, and Steel Gloves.

New Stats
With the Brigand Class comes they're very own class focused stat: Intellect! As well as a Helper Stat: Power

Intellect (INT) involves smarts and precision to attack their opponent as you do not have as strong weapons as a Smashy Weapon. Intellect also works in an interesting way. For every 5 points of Intellect, you gain one point of damage toward a Slammy/Scratchy Weapon. But that's not all! 5 points of Intellect also equal 1 point of Accuracy, Dodge, Resistance, and Armor. This stat looks similar to the Book Icon for Intellect on Wizard101

Power (POW) is completely it's own stat and follows under no school. It powers no one specific weapon but all weapons. Power works to boost your damage. 5 points of Power will equal 5 points of STREN, WILL, AGI, and INT and 1 point of pure Damage. So say you have 1 Damage, STREN, WILL, AGI, and INT but 5 points of Power. Now you have 5 Points of Each Stat, plus 1 extra point of Damage. So about 2 extra damage to a STREN weapon. This also has a slight chance to bring up Critical Chances. This stat looks similar to the Power stat on Wizard101.

Critical Heal
I am unsure if Ratbeard had any inttention on adding Critical Heals later on or ever, but why not? Critical Heal acts the same way as Criticals with a rank of Super Heal, Mega Heal, or Epic Heal. Critical Heals do not happen as often as regular Heals as currently base Heals can sustain players, but when it does, it can really benefit you.

Petty Officer
Jun 06, 2009
These are all really good ideas!