Suggestions For Second Chance Chests

Oct 12, 2010
I would like to make suggestions for spots for second chance chests. Here they are:
  1. In all of the guardian's rooms on the great turtle of Mooshu (sorry I can't remember the name of the huge turtle that could only be summoned by turtle balls right now)
  2. The last room in "Snake Pit"
  3. Lo pan
That's it for now, anyone else can feel free to post there ideas for second chance spots here though

Oct 15, 2010
The last boss in Palace of Ulysses

Monkey King

Jan 19, 2014
They only give second chance chests to certain bosses for two reasons.

Generally speaking, two things have to be true before we'll consider adding a Second Chance chest:

1) Is the boss in question at the end of a really long instance?

2) Does the boss in question have unique loot?

I don't know about the Snake Pit, but the Mooshu guardian bosses and the Ulysses palace dungeon doesn't take that long to complete. In fact, you don't have to face a mob fight in the Mooshu guardian dungeons.

Bottom line, I doubt these suggestions will go through.