Suggestion: heal character in Wind Lane

Jun 12, 2008
Tedious is not a word I like to use when describing aspects of one of my favorite games, but it does describe the current battles I'm fighting. I'm tasked with collecting jellyfish tentacles. After each battle, I generally need to heal about 1/2 my health, yet I'm stuck spending quite a bit of time flying around and around looking for purple yums between each battle. It would be so much simpler if flying in a wind lane regenerated both pirate health and ship health. After all, if you're just anchored there to regenerate your ship, why not your health, too? Yum fruits could still float around to be gathered and players could still use potions, but at this particular point in the game that would be an even greater time sink.

So, please add pirate regeneration to wind lanes, just like ship regeneration. The pirate regeneration should be buffed by anchoring, too.