Suggestion: Gold for Lvl 50's finishing Quest

Mar 02, 2012

I made level 50 a bit ago and it seems a shame; with changing how gold drops, and how we all need 5100 gold (ea) for companion tomes. It seems a waste to me to do the rest of the quests as most of them only give experience now. Seems best to wait till a update comes out to use the exp and level on them.

I have decided to finish the game and thought it would be nice (like other MMO's); if maxed in level and can not get the experience, then at least change the exp to gold. If the quest give 2830 exp; it would give level 50's 2830 gold (half a tome price there).

Just a thought, so the ones at level 50 can at least get something for finishing the game and doing the quests. At present just sinking ships to level nautical exp is my the main way to get gold; unless they change that to give 1 gold.