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Suggestion for special ability bar in combat

Petty Officer
Nov 28, 2008
Currently I am a 16L Hoodoo Doctor. I did all the side quests and recieved an extra ability or 2 along with the extra practice points for levels and quests.

That said, I have so many abilities on my attack bar that it only shows a limited amount. I have basically 3 good attack powers and a few support powers that I use allot. I have noticed this last level or two that none of my favorite spells are onthe choice bar until I use several or even 3 or 4 others that I really dont need to use. It is starting to get frustating to not have an attack spell that is any good or heals when you need them. I can only imaging that the situation will compound as level grow.

Would it be possible to choose not to display spells of our choice, some kind of a dot to turn them off/on? Possibly we could have a second displayed bar underneath it so more show at once? An arrow button that scrolls the choices to the next page of choices (kind of like a bag of inventory)?

The issue is that I am concerned the class will get harder to play instead of easier as you level since you best spells will come up less and less. I have played the other classes as well. They get allot of passive abilities. This doesnt fill up their bar. The spell caster class although should have allot of spells by design. Thats where he derives his capabilities.