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Suggestion for KI - Friend's List Overhaul

Jan 28, 2014
Hello, KingsIsle, and I hope you hear out my ideas, frustrations, and the like, and eventually put something like this in an improvement update of yours.

Before I get to my idea, ask yourselves this: Do you hate how you want to talk to a friend on a specific pirate but can't, because they're on another pirate, but somehow you think they're offline? Or maybe how you want to have more friends, but the limit clogs up space on all your pirates? Anything like this at all?

Well, my suggestion would be this: A friends list that would add that person's ACCOUNT on their list, and not just one of the account's pirates. This way, when the user comes online, we would know they are online, and perhaps know which Pirate they are playing on. Lastly, it would also save a whole lot of space so we can make room for more friends and all. This sort of thing would not be a problem for other MMO's that only allow you to have one character per account, but since this is an MMO game where we can have up to 6 characters per account, it would take a lot of space just to fill your friends list with all of the person's characters on all 6 of your pirates. That's 36 friends on your total account just to get all of ONE person's characters on a single account.

But if we had it so that it adds the person's account and not one of their pirates, do you know how much space would be taken up? One. Just one. One for the entire account. That would simply our life and allow us to have more friends, maybe. We would know the person is online, but on a different pirate.

So, what do you all think, and you, KingsIsle? Are you interested in this idea?

-Petty Alicia Cog,

Mar 28, 2010
I don't like the idea because sometimes I switch pirates if one of my friends is annoying me, how about making friending their account an option?

Pirate Overlord
Mar 16, 2012
Why not make friends with all your friends pirates? I've done this with a few close friends. Having a membership increases your friends list.
@ Adam Wintersinger ; Did you know that there's an option under game play where you can hide from your friends?