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Suggestion - Badges

May 05, 2011
Hey there!

In advance I'll admit to having a slight OCD issue

Any chance the badges will re-arranged and displayed in logical order? One thing I liked in W101 was how the badges would follow a relatively ordered sequence and slots were left blank if the badge hadn't been obtained yet. For me, this gave hints that you've missed something somewhere, and also let you quickly see if you've obtained all the badges in a sequence (ie the "body count" badges).

Just to name a few as examples, right now I've got Wharf Rat badges on 3 different pages, Troggies on 3 pages, and Inoshishi Bandits on 5 pages.

I know the programmers at KI have more pressing issues than to "clean up" the display of badges but any idea if this is in the works?

Jul 17, 2012
I agree that the badges are not in logical order. It would be nice if they changed it to a more logical order. Though it is nice that even though you don't get the badge it tells you how to earn it ahead of time. I also like how it has more badges than Wizard 101.

Brave Harley Jackson

Apr 17, 2009
I agree 100%. Kinda annoying but not gamebreaking by any means.