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Stupender X battle

May 29, 2009
I understand this condition: Defeat Stormzilla

But this is impossoble because: Stormzilla has over 2,400 health, uses Repel Boarders & Vengeance Strike, seems to resist most of the damage from my attacks, and finally you have to destroy 10 eggs before they hatch more enemies resulting in a 10 v. 1 battle which seems un-balanced big time.

Whats worse is that your suit goes off your health and doesn't have it's own base health and you can't use any healing powers.

Is there anyway this battle could be made a bit simplier?

Aug 15, 2010
this quest will cause many to quit the game. i'm having the same issues you are

Oct 08, 2012
It took me a few attempts (o.k 20) to figure this battle out.

1. Destroy all eggs before they hatch
2. I moved to the upper left corner then used my two eye beams across the screen,
3. I had lizard boy follow me into the fire path while slowing him down.

At that point before he gets to hit you to many times he should be well into the yellow, no small lizards should have spawned and you should be able to finish knocking him out with a couple of your skills that are left over. After doing this a few times the fight became very easy and quite enjoyable. I give this quest a 10/10 for awesomeness and unique flavor. How ever some dialogue during the battle to kinda help you along figure out what to do would have been nice. Also if you find out self about to perish logging out and back in will reset the encounter and you won't find our self back at the entrance of the zone. You can also do this to get your pet to join the fight if he/she didn't join you on your first attempt.