Stuffed animal crew

May 13, 2011
I think that when the new world comes out there should be a cage with 5 living stuffed animals in it. Which one you get depends on your class. Your class one gives you a quest to rescue the rest of the stuffed animals who are trapped in cages throughout Cool Ranch. You have to fight a battle with evil teddy bears in order to get to each cage. Destroying the cages in battle gives you five allies during the battle. When you have rescued all of them and talked to the leader(the one in the first cage) you get a crew of five stuffed animals. However, only one can come in during a battle, even epic battles. Each one of the companions has the two epics the crew has, plus one unique epic. Here are the crews you get and their epics: Witchdoctors: crew epics are vengeance strike and riposte. Leader: Bob the stuffed wolf from great wolf lodge: Witchdoctor. special epic: mojo zing: hits target and up to 4 random enemies around it. Bobby: black bodied dragon with gold tummy, anntanae, and feet from the great wolf lodge magiquest gift shop. Special epic: Leadership: Friends within two squares of him gain the pirate benefits for as long as they are near him.

I will post more later!

Aug 01, 2011
Nov 24, 2012