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Strange Happenings

Dec 13, 2008
A few weird things have happened to me playing Pirate101. Sometimes when I step through a portal or sail through one, I don't get to the other side, in fact I end up outside of the zone I was trying to enter.
Not in another zone kind of outside, but standing in the skyway looking at the ground above me but unable to get to it, kind of outside. Or if I'm on a ship, on the far side of a mountain range from the active part of the skyway, sort of outside.

Also, I'm not sure if it's related, but sometimes when I enter a fight with another player I end up looking at scenery for the first round, without getting a battle board. But the other player sees me in the battle and can even tell me which companions I have, but I still can't do anything until the battleboard comes up for the second round.

Any help with this would be appreciated