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Special Weapon Power Ideas

Feb 25, 2012
So, I was looking at the New PvP weapons earlier and I had an Idea for some class specific weapons!

Each of the following weapon ideas are meant to have some special effect or ability, so they would come with no powers and not very high weapon power. Anyway, lets begin:

- The Caduceus: this weapon would act as a heal. the heal would have infinite range, would only heal a single unit, and would heal about as much as the mid level team heal does. I also imagine it serving as a staffy/slashy weapon, so the attack would be melee. the heal can be used over and over.

- The Long-Shafted Spear: This weapon would serve as a normal weapon, except it could be used to Knock whoever it hits back a square. This would serve as a great chain breaker, and it would make for some very amusing vengeance strike shenanigans.

- The Poison-Dipped Knives: This weapon would function as a typical set of buckler knives, except any hit would leave the victim with the poison DoT effect. the poison would be the damage and duration of the first poison swashies get. any time an enemy would be hit by these, they would get the DoT OR if they are already poisoned, the DoT would be reset.

- The Necromancer's Staff: this weapon would function as both a ranged staff (no AoE) and a summoner. it would summon a random ghost with the same stats as the summoner, except with only ONE health. the summon could be used over and over again, but with only one health, these guys wont last long. additionally, they would not have any powers, talents, abilities, Etc.

- The Sniper Rifle: I was having trouble coming up with one for Muskets, so this would just be a weapon with infinite range. yeah, I know, its lame, but its all i got. sorry musketeers.

So, a quick recap: For Bucklers, Bucks, Privs, and Muskets, the special effects of these weapons would not be selected like you select a power during combat. they would simply always be available. For Witches... Idk how you would choose to summon them, since you would have to summon them on an open square and the game would have to know that you didn't just want to move there. If anyone has any thoughts for how that might work, or changes you would make for the weapons, post below! Thanks for Reading.