Something counterintuitive about shooting

Jun 08, 2011
Why can't you fire a gun across a hole in the deck of a ship?
I can understand not being able to cross it in person, but when neither a player Musketeer nor two Musketeer companions (Bonnie Anne and Louie de Bisque) are able to fire at fish over a hole in the raft deck, something seems weird.

I'd seen this before in the higher worlds, with an enemy ship that had a rectangular hole in the deck as part of its' design, and thought that i was a peculiarity of the vessel. It appears that it was not, being a quirk built into the shipboard combat system, or perhaps even the main combat system.

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I may be misreading you, but I think the "hole in the deck" you're referring to is a stand in marker for the mast of the ship. If that's the case, it would make sense that you can't shoot through it.

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Sep 06, 2009
If you look and focus on the enemy and your ship, the holes are right where the masts belong, I think they clear the mast out of the screen so you can see and that is why a hole is randomly there, but really if you had every part of the ship on the screen a mast would be there

Sep 08, 2008
I am still not sure what has been done to rangers to offset the fact that they cannot shoot and move at the same time.


Despite this, I look at my Musketeer partner always carrying this magnificent rifle, and I want to play one. :o