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Some ideas for more female companions

First Mate
Sep 13, 2010
Female Inoshishi Pig

Lol, just give Ju Hao a ponytail like Lucy Sterling's and some female armor. Their weapon would look like the Monk Spade weapon.

Female Spider
This would look like a regular spider, but the middle part thing would be really fat, like female spiders have in real life. It would also have the power to summon some little baby spiders.

They'd look like those sirens on Anthemusa, and their attacks would be making random vocal noises or hitting with their tail, and their criticals would be singing some kinda song and pulling their souls out of them.

Female Goat Master
They wouldn't look like one of those weird old lady goats with the bound feet, they'd look like a goat master, but instead of a super long beard, they'd have super long hair in the back. Their horns would also be shorter.

What other companions would you make female versions of?