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Smugglers arena is too hard

Pirate Overlord
Mar 16, 2012
waternixie101 on Feb 5, 2015 wrote:
i think it's to hard i can't ever even get more then 3 hits in before the fight is already over which is not fun at all and just makes me irritated. all i feel is that i wasted crowns i could have used to other purposes and now i can't even get scrips which was the point. if i could sell it back to the crown shop for at least half or a bit more of my crowns i would.
Welcome to the message boards, waternixie! Were you trying to solo the Arena? It is somewhat easier with a team ( make sure your team is all the same level, as the Arena adjusts to the highest level of the team member. ) Ask a few questing buddies to join you, I'm sure they'll be anxious to try and earn some scrip with you.

Mar 24, 2013
Although my pirate character(s), have yet to debut in the Smuggler's Arena ( I didn't buy it yet ). I have notice some unfair powers usage the targets used aganist players that solo this arena. That would be nice to nerf it just a little to make it a little more enjoyable for players like to go solo. However in my opinon soloing the arena will take longer to complete and not recommended.

Team work in the Smuggler's Arena is highly recommend in my opinon. Not only it saves a lot of time ( and disappointments ) it's a lot of fun with friends around. This Arena is also great for hosting parties with friends.
Like they say " There is no I in team work." Good luck on beating the arena and have fun.

Gunner's Mate
Feb 05, 2015
The Smugglers arena is supposed to be hard I mean the reward is scrip. Decides if you have to be able to handle tough battles sometimes. If you think the first few rounds were hard your in for a treat.

Jul 07, 2013
It comes with a warning label in the shop.

Virtuous Dante Ramsey

Pirate Overlord
Mar 16, 2012
WooHoo! Just completed a run through the Smuggler's Arena & this time completed it! We had three on our team ( Dead Eye Jack Morgan & Dark Hunter Sharp ) and there were some sticky moments, but we made it! 535 scrip, my friends! Also 18 companions on Bed Rest ( but they'll be cured by the morning! )

Pirate Overlord
Mar 10, 2009
anecorbie on Feb 21, 2015 wrote:
WooHoo! Just completed a run through the Smuggler's Arena & this time completed it! We had three on our team ( Dead Eye Jack Morgan & Dark Hunter Sharp ) and there were some sticky moments, but we made it! 535 scrip, my friends! Also 18 companions on Bed Rest ( but they'll be cured by the morning! )
You have made a wonderful point for those saying the Arena is too hard on companions. If you make your Arena run as the last thing you do for the night then all will be well rested and healed by the time you do the same for yourself IRL. Besides, knowing your companions are actually sleeping when you are is kinda cool.

Apr 19, 2012
TheSwashBucklerMas... on Nov 24, 2014 wrote:
Does anyone else think that the new smugglers arena is too hard?

Me and my friend went in but between no healing during rounds, companions having recovery time and the guys have insane damage we only made it through the first few rounds.

Does anyone else feel this too?

I don't think i will do it again as the bad script rate drops and most of your companions end up dying. I think that KI have made this dungeon too hard :(

i wouldn't even mind it as much if your companions die in the dungeon but when you come out their fully healed.

If Ratbeard or someone would leave a message explaining more about it that would be great

Yes, it's hard and I love it. It gets boring doing dungeons and fighting bosses when you know you're gonna win every time. Also, the stuff on the Black Market is really cool and so it should be hard to earn. I made it to the last battle once with my max level Swashbuckler and a level 48 Swashbuckler friend so just keep at it. One good thing about going through battles as difficult as the Arena's is that it helps you to refine your strategies and makes you better. I am actually better at pvp thanks to the difficulty of the Arena plus the Moo Manchu Tower is now a piece of cake. The Arena will make you stronger.

Dread Pirate
Jun 13, 2011
Well, I have to say, they really brought out the real challenge for the highest level Pirates yet. The higher level enemies in the Arena really got me by the time I got up to round 8 with some of the level 65 Pirates. Even though I got some Scrip for getting that far, I still aim to get to the last round and win it. I really enjoyed that difficulty, even though it's really hard, even to some higher level Pirates. Makes us feel prepared for the tougher challenges that may lie in wait for us to come. Why, some of the higher level swashbucklers did real damage to us with all that power they had & the higher level privateers kept healing everyone after trying to bring them down again and again & they kept bombarding us with so many of the same powers over & over again. In any case, thanks for that heightened difficulty in that housing Gauntlet, Ratbeard!

Though, I would have imagined higher leveled enemies giving out some more higher Scrip amounts after defeating them, so, wouldn't that count to it's enemies & bosses, too? Scriptop did say "Every round you win you'll earn a little more Scrip.", so, if us higher leveled Pirates defeat the higher level enemies in each round there, shouldn't we have gotten some more Scrip than those for the lower level enemies in the instance for lower level Pirates? I know the Scrip drop rate is 100%, but the current amounts of Scrip for defeating the higher level enemies & bosses there could be upped a bit? Just a thought since all we get from defeating that instance's enemies are Scrip, even though it's a bit low for the higher level Pirates.

Maybe if Pirates somehow manage to get through the last round without all of them surrendering, wouldn't they receive a decent Scrip bonus for it? It's kind of like a "Perfect Bonus" for that kind of thing for Pirates who have gotten through the Smuggler's Arena without all of us ever surrendering, even if one of us falls, but gets back up by healing, maybe even with a badge for doing it.

Feb 17, 2009
Agreed It is very hard to do! But anything worth doing usually is! Actually love That is it such a challenge, Give me a chance to practice my fancy moves! So far have only been able to jail 3 Villains! I'm only a level 15!