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Skyway Beasties

Nov 03, 2012
I'm not sure if this has been posted or not but I think adding giant skyway beast bosses to the game would be really neat. It fits in woth the pirate theme really well. I mean, if you were to draw a pirate map chances are you're going to add some sort of monster thing in the blank spaces. They'd be tougher and cooler than regular skyway bosses and you would have a chance to get rare loot from them too. Who wouldn't want to see a very scary and dramatic sky squid in the backround of a skyway.

Mar 24, 2013
That would be a great ideia, a boss fight in the sky way.

In skull island i would like to see a giant ghost whale, as a secret boss, in a secret skyway called the bone yard a skyway that few pirates dare to set sail.

In Cool ranch in, I would like to see Mega Buffaloons as a boss fight. These are tougher and bigger version of the the normal version. But they are gold in color. Also in hunted skyway I would like to see a giant ripper shark as a boss fight,well we got it as a hybrid pet. What if someone released one of this shark some where in the hunted sky way in cool ranch, but a super sized version of it ?

In Aquila, Ready for this ? " Release the Karken ! " ( in the skyway in Aquila of course.)

I would like to see more ship combats.Beside treasures,adventures and fighting bad guys.A ship is a pirate's best friend,after his/her crews and pets in my opinon.

Jan 02, 2012
Ratbeard, this would make a cool opportunity to add some secret bosses with custom high level loot to some passages between worlds, or even a world we can visit that only has a couple of collection quests so far and is reputed to be "the most dangerous skyway in the spiral". Maybe there would be some special, but possible conditions the pirate must fulfill around the spiral in order to see these beasties?