Sky Fishing

Petty Officer
Jan 31, 2013
This is just an idea I was thinking about since Wizard has fishing. Why not Pirate have special sky fishing out in the skyways. My idea is that the fishing takes place in the skystream so we don't get attacked while fishing. To start you park your ship and then press tab so you can go down on deck. On the deck are some fishing cannons that you walk up to and select to go into first person mode. In that mode you look out into the world and see all the fish flying around, with a target appeared. You move the target around with your arrow keys and when it's over a fish it changes color; maybe dark red. Then you hit the space bar to fire a fishing net from the cannon that catches the fish. You then have to press and hold the down arrow key to real in the fish right away or it can break loose, also pressing the left and right arrow keys when the fish changes directions or risk the net breaking. If you're successful you caught yourself a nice new fish but if the net breaks then it gets away and you have to try again. Fishing supplies such as nets, cannons, and tanks can be bought with gold at a fishing vendor. Plus it takes energy to fish so if you have none then you can't fish.

This was just a rough idea and sorry if it's been already suggested.