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Skill List 65-75 (2.0) Revised

Jul 09, 2009
67: Sharpshooter’s Blinding Shot
x1 Damage + -20% damage and accuracy to target
Duration: Instant + 3 rounds
Range: 5
Requirement: Uncanny Shot

70: Tempest Shot
x2 Damage to enemies in “+” formation + 35% chance of stunning
Duration: Instant + 1 round
Range: (Varies)
Requirement: Inferno Shot and Hurricane Round

72: Glass Cannon
+50% Damage boost to all agility-based allies + -20% damage protection
Duration: 3 rounds
Range: Entire Team
Requirement: Suppression Fire

75: Frost Round
x2 Damage to enemies in “x” formation + slowed (-2 movement range)
Duration: Instant + 2 rounds
Range: (Varies)
Requirement: Hurricane Round, Inferno Shot, and Tempest Shot

67: Swashbuckler’s Mist
+15% Pierce to adjacent allies
Duration: 5 rounds
Range: Adjacent allies
Requirement: Black Fog
*Note: Anyone effected by the buff will be able pierce both armor and resist. Damage protection Buffs are effected by the pierce.

70: Shadow Puppet
Duplicate puppet of user is placed on arena. puppet absorbs 45% of damage dealt to user.
Duration: 5 rounds
Range: Infinite
Requirement: Grand Shadowdance
*Note: The puppet can be destroyed before it reaches it 5 round expatriation. It cannot attack, nor can it move around the map. It cannot be buffed, this includes healing. Its health is 75% of the user.

72: Enchanted Dagger
x3 Magic damage on target + +1 critical chance
Duration: instant + 2 rounds
Range: x1 movement range
Requirement: Assassin's Strike and Hurl Blades

75: Swamp Smog
Prevent the use of any buff + -20% accuracy
Duration: 3 rounds
Range: Adjacent enemies
Requirement: Assassin's Shroud

67: Widow’s Embrace
Slows enemies in a 3x3 square pattern (-2 movement range)
Duration: 5 rounds
Range: Infinite
Requirement: Widow's Touch

70: Hoodoo Smash
x1 Damage to target + -35% agility, will, or strength
Duration: Instant + 3 rounds
Range: 5
Requirement: Great JuJu

72: Mojo Shield
User Defends all incoming damage with Will
Duration: 5 Rounds
Range: Self Only
Requirement: Mojo Reaver and Chain Lightning

75: Soul Capture
Superior damage to target + stun
Duration: Instant + 1 Round
Range: 3
Requirement: Davy Jones' Reach

67: Enlighten
+10% Boost to all incoming and outgoing heals
Duration: 3 Rounds
Range: Entire Team
Requirement: Battle Zeal
70: Silver Knight’s Shield
Prevent Debuffing of all allies
Duration: 3 Rounds
Range: Entire Team
Requirement: Tower of Iron Will and Fighting Fervor

72: Dark Knight’s Blade
Prolong the effects of Debuffs on all enemies
Duration: 2 Rounds
Range: All Enemies
Requirement: Tower of Iron Will, Fighting Fervor, and Silver Knight's Shield

75: Seraph’s Blessing
Major Healing + -10% all incoming damage on all allies
Duration: Instant + 2 Rounds
Range: Entire Team

Requirement: Focus Fire, Dress the Line, Enduring Discipline, and Reinforce

Buccaneer Skill List will be added soon.

Jul 09, 2009
67: Sweeping Fury
Team Epic! Blade Storm [1]
Duration: 3 Rounds
Range: Entire Team

70: Warrior’s Stronghold
Knockback incoming opponents
Duration: 2 Rounds
Range: Self Only

72: Spartan Tackle
x2 Damage + -15% armor on target
Duration: Instant + 3 Rounds
Range: x1 Movement Range

75: Blacksmith’s Iron Forge
+25% Damage Boost to Self
Duration: 5 Rounds
Range: Self Only

Hi, quite awhile ago I made a thread full of powers and skills I had thought of for each of the five classes in Pirate101. Well this thread is more of a revised version of that Skill List. You’ll see some powers I used in the last thread and you’ll see some completely new powers. On this thread each class will have four powers, rather than six.

All feedback is welcome, but bashing is not. If you have any improvements or ideas on how I can make these better please feel free to post them. Before replying please try and look at the powers from both a PvE and PvP standpoint. Thanks for your time. Hopefully I'll get some feedback from even Ratbeard! :)