Skill Glitch

Oct 24, 2010
I don't know if this has been reported but I've run into a bug on occasion where a companion or monster will activate a skill and the skill will activate twice on the same turn. i.e. Two "First Strike" will pop up above the companion or monster who activated it the words overlapping and looking all jumbled giving them two attacks instead of the one in addition to any other attacks that turn.

This happened to me during my fight with General Gortez my Subodai attacked him three times and he used a Vengeance Strike but the words were jumbled because another Vengeance Strike was overlapping it and he attacked twice then a second Vengeance Strike appeared for the second hit and then a third for the third hit giving him four attacks when they're should have only been three.

It happened again today with my Ninja Pig pet. He was attacked by a scorpion and he knows First Strike but had two First Strike words appear at the same time above his head of course they were jumbled and he attacked twice before the scorpion attacked (That time I was happy it happened but it's still a bug).

I'd hate for this bug to go off in a crucial spot and cost me a victory. Could you guys look into this?