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Side Quest annoying...

Oct 20, 2012
Ok honestly i think game would do better with out them...
The quest's that make me go back and forth and take 30 minutes to do a single quest to a hr for 35exp and 125 gold is so upset and ruin the game fun for me.
I belive if the game people make more chapters maybe leave out side quest and work for longer main story instead of annoying side quest that are a waste of every ones time.
Maybe if game didn't take so long to travel or fight npc's in turn battles the side quest wouldnt be so bad and maybe if they where more rewarding for time it takes to complete them.

This is way im quiting game just more annoying to quest then it is fun and it feels to going in circals to reach my goal and not just going in circals once but 5 or so times tell i complete some quest i cant stand it no more.

Any ways im not trolling just sharing what ruin this game for me in hopes the dev can do better in the future to add more fun to game's quest then wasting peoples money and time.

Sep 08, 2008
Aw, don't quit.

But, side quests are and will forever be optional. Simply don't do them. If you see a quest being offered outside your story quests, simply don't accept them.

If I see a quest ... I accept it ... I just can't help it, it is this weird ocd I have about leaving quests.

Nov 26, 2012
It would be a shame to see you quit.

Quests are optional. If you see a side quest, you don't have to take it. You can stick to the main quest if you choose to. If you would like a side quest for a little extra? Do it. But if you really would want to stick to the main story, you can do that as well! The side quests aren't by any means mandatory.

I agree that some of the side quests can be a bit annoying. This is why I have two characters I am working on. One is for the main quest only, and the other is for the main quest and side quests.

I think side quests can be fun, and the majority of the time I enjoy them. I mean, who couldn't use a little extra gold, XP, and possible new companions? In the end, I think they should definitely stay and be a part of the game. Why? Because a lot of people enjoy the side quests! My brother and I both do enjoy them quite a bit most of the time.

In the end, a person who dislikes them shouldn't take away everyone's right to a side quest. They are optional.. so in the end, don't like 'em? Don't get 'em.

Dec 10, 2008
There's an easy way to avoid just this problem. Press Q while in the game and roll your cursor over the icons in the bottom left corner of the quest you're wondering about. It will tell you exactly what rewards await you.

Mar 02, 2009
I usually enjoy side quests, but I find most of them in this particular game to be kind of grindy. I'm a completionist when it comes to MMOs so I make myself do all the quests. The drop rates for some side quests can be really bad, particular the ones where you have to defeat X and collect X. For instance, the quest where you have to defeat ships and collect holy water, or buffaloons for their hide. Those 2 quests on my first character took me days to complete. It gets boring real fast. Some side quests only give you 10 exp and 50 gold or some ridiculously low reward. When I complete a side quest that sends me all over the place, takes hours and hours of my time, getting only 10 exp or 25 gold sort of takes that feeling of accomplishment away.