Shooty/Stabby Weapons?

Feb 01, 2011
I'm playing a Swashbuckler, and I've decided to spend some training points in Musketeer, but I've noticed a definite lack of shooty/stabby weapons in this game. There are tons of shooty/slashy weapon combos, but so far I've only found 3 examples of shooty/stabby. The most powerful one is something like 10th level. So, any word on higher level weapons for Swashbuckler/Musketeers? I'd hate to think I've wasted those training points. I'm nearly done Cool Ranch and have had to switch to pure stabby just to keep up.

Sep 08, 2008
There are definitely shooty/stabby. I am always looking for slashy/stabby, but always end up getting shooty/stabby. xD

I am hoping there is an ultimate slashy/stabby weapon somewhere buried in the later content of the game. Hehe.