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May 02, 2009
I was wondering, currently pirates are allowed to commandeer up to 80 ships. By the time we reach Aquila we should have nearly 10 ships (or more if your a "Ship Collector"), so what happens when we reach 80 ships (Which probably won't happen until Book LXV* (Book 65)), but what will happen? I'm not a fan of selling ships because the majority of my ships have rare gear on them, even though I know I'm never gonna use that ship again, I still wanna keep that rare gear since it usually makes my ship(s) look cooler and more powerful. So I was thinking that Avery should open up a 'Shipyard' in Skull Island to 'bank' ships. Every player has 10 slots in the Shipyard and can increase to 25 by either A) Becoming a Member (Subscription), B) Paying Crowns, or C) doing long, boring, pointless side quests that unlock 1-2 spaces per quest, depending on KI's preference (most likely Option A). So, what do you guys think?

*L=50, X=10, V=5

Wicked Jack Devereaux