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Ship VS. Ship Combat

Dec 01, 2012
Everyone loves pvp in both Wizard101 and Pirate101, so why not add ship versus ship to Pirate101? Players would be a able to battle other's ships for rewards and Nautical experience. I would love if this would to be added into the game. Thanks for any feedback.

Dec 13, 2009

Ship vs Ship is the only pvp that I'm really interested in. The ship aspect of p101 is why I play the game - not that stuff with your character is bad or anything, but the ships are what add a bit of uniqueness to the game.

This would also work a LOT better if ships got a major overhaul, so the 3 ship classes actually meant something.
Galleons should have better firepower and high armor, but no dodge chance and lower chance to hit.
Skiffs should have lower firepower (they have like 4 broadside cannons after all!!) and lower health/armor, but guaranteed hit chance, and high dodge chance.
Frigates should be roughly in the middle for those things.

Having the skiff be the low level of a world and galleons the high level really is just boring, and not at all a good implementation of what could and should be a very important feature of the game.

I really hope there are some plans to make changes like this in the future (obviously they need to work on the bugs glitches and "not-working-as-intended" from launch first). This would be a nice change for perhaps the first expansion, or for a major update at some point - though hopefully not too far down the road.

I'd sooner see ship battle changes before gardening or crafting, as it is a key element of the game.

Jan 25, 2010
Its actually an awesome idea to have ship versus ship in certain skyways for pvp battles. Whatever ships we choose is the ship we will fight in. We can still keep the same basic rules on how many players can enter in the battle (example: only can have up to four players) and having the battles the same way we go after the other ships when we do our quests by going hand to hand when we board other ships.

Another idea for this pvp ship battles. Just like in Wizard101, how you got other Wizards going through rank battles to make it to the highest rankings, Warlord. How about do the same thing for the pvp ship battles, don't know the highest rankings for these types of pvps, but I know you'll come up with something.