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Ship Selecting

Nov 25, 2010
Please, please, please have the ship list reorder-able OR push a new ship into the front of the list rather than appending it to the end. Having to open the My Ship Equipment dialog then page over to get to my current ship EVERY TIME I start the game is quite annoying. I'd sell the ships I'm not using much just to bring the newer ships closer to the top but I'm hitting against the gold limit constantly as it is, why waste them? If I could park them at my house it'd be nice.

Having the game remember which ship I had unbottled in the last time I played would be great too.

Also, I'm sure you're aware that equipping ship items that are not on the first inventory page causes the dialog to jump to the first page and doesn't fix the pagination arrows. This UI bug really makes outfitting a new ship with a of equipment you just bought a real pain.

It's an excellent game though, really well done. That's what makes these UI issues so annoying, I'm playing it so much.

Mar 02, 2012
I agree with this. My main ship is on the second page and I have to hit more then click it, You would think the one you use all the time would be in top five to choose from.