ship pvp

Petty Officer
Nov 05, 2012
here are my ideas for ship pvp in pirate101:
1. for 1v1 a small arena like the regatta with both ships having above average speed (like boost permanent). on both ships during the fight groups of three targets will appear on both ships and your enemy can only pick one to hit, each gives a specific debuff to your enemy and can have a strong impact on which way the battle goes. not to mention during the bout there will be small tokens can be up for grabs, and the first ship to grab the most gets a special sea monster summond to their aid. not to mention that during the fight there would be a timer that tells you when the ships will be teleported to a new location with a global effecton both teams
2. for 2v2 we can have everything from 1v1 but there would be stations on the field that either team could claim, and when they did it would allow smaller canoe like mini helper ships to aid in the fight. there would be no tokens or sea monsters in this mode thoughbut both teams would be assigned a major helper monster to fight with them.
3. 4v4 would be just like 2v2 but with small mini bosses on the map that could be fought for buffs to your entire team.
well those are my ideas for ship pvp in pirate101 please consider them and your own opinion.

Petty Officer
Nov 05, 2012
hey, you guys realize that I DO need replies to my ideas to get any sort of progression going right? am i doing something wrong cause as "petty" as this sounds I really would appreciate some feed back on my suggestion.

Dread Pirate
May 27, 2009
Your ideas sound good for a new nautical gauntlet, but not truly a PvP scenario -- sink or be sunk.

I think that until we have more variety in the ship equipment available to us, such as replaceable or one-use cannons or horns, etc., to where a strategy could become developed, everyone is too evenly matched and it would come down to just plain luck. With nautical battles, there is simply not enough diversity at this time.

Gunner's Mate
Dec 26, 2013
piratical505 on Aug 30, 2016 wrote:
hey, you guys realize that I DO need replies to my ideas to get any sort of progression going right? am i doing something wrong cause as "petty" as this sounds I really would appreciate some feed back on my suggestion.
Honestly, it sounds a little too complicated for my taste. If Ship PvP were to become a thing I'd prefer just a standard battle... one on one.
No boarding, no tokens, no monsters... just slugging it out until someone sinks.

Pirate Overlord
Mar 16, 2012
I'm against Ship PVP because of the fact that only those ships that have crown's equipment would win every engagement - it would rapidly become more "pay to win" than bundle/pack companions or crown's gear.
Sorry if this isn't the feedback that you wanted.

May 09, 2013
I think in order to have ship pvp, we need more ship abilities. The existing slots for the horn, figurehead, sails, and wheel need to have more varied powers and other things such as cannons, rudders, and anchors need to have abilities. Irl, a big part of ship battles was positioning, so I think the position mechanism needs to be more detailed than orange range and red range. I would like to see the angle at which you face a ship matter, and even have instances where you can deal damage to an opponent by ramming into the side of their ship with your bow.

Petty Officer
Nov 05, 2012
So what I here is that powers in the game for ships aren't skilled enough for something like ship pvp. There could be variety but it would require no skill. I like this, because it means I consume up with ideas for those powers. Also I don't think ship pvp could ever become a "pay to win" as things are the gear you can get from bosses in the skyways is better to than gear from the crown shop. They basically do more damage, buff and heal than their variants in the crown shop. But like I said the powers being the main problem because they downgrade on skill opens up a lot of ideas, for instance we could have the ship parts able to support or "boost" the critical rating of our ships, I did say I wanted critical for ships right?.... I swear I mentioned it. Anyway like in wizard you can choose to focus on critical (to a limited extent) and different ship types can be affected, skiffs are fast and dodgy and rapid attackers but weak attack, frigates are balanced, and galleons are heavy and slow but can short and strong burst of damage. Powers can be varying in that their dance becomes a percentage of their enemies health, and applies debuffs accordingly. This way even low level players can fight high level ones on even ground, which something I would love to see in pirate. I would also love more suggestions to help bring this idea out.