Ship Naming Issues?

Petty Officer
May 24, 2009
I have an issue with naming of ships, I have a Monquistador De Boza Gallon Class Ship on my Swashbuckler that I want to name it as the Crimson Viper, but instead I get the name Santa Constandza, I think we should be allowed to name whatever ship we get, whether it be a Monquistador Ship or a Marleyboneian Royal Frigate that we get from questing or from the Crown Shop that we should be allowed to name it whatever we want it to be, like for example "The Crimson Viper", so it can be Unique to the Pirate who owns that ship and not give it a name that is already being used by the Monquistadors or Marleyboneians ships who are also using the same name, cause when I see those 2 factions in the game using the same name as my personal ship for my charactors or another main charactor using the same name, it make me feel that my ship isnt unique from the others, it makes me feel that I am just copying from someone elses ship name , so plz make this change KI so that we can have ships that separates us from the other charactors from the game.

Valdus Zabra lvl 23 Swashbuckler