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Ship insides and what KI could do with them

Jan 22, 2013
KI might make a captains quarters for the ships but I was hoping they could make the entire ship inside be able to walk through like 1 cargo hold 2 captains quarters of course 3 mess hall and that doubles as a tavern Basement. And a extra area for what I'm going to suggest latter. (Save it for last) one thing though. NO crews quarters. Why you may ask. Different classes have different amount of companions. Buccaneers the lowest and privateers (obviously) the highest, but each class can buy the same ship. So it wouldn't work. Unless they do this... I have always wanted to have a home away from home, and I first thought of it when I looked on my Mooshu galleon and thought, "cannons would look good here on the deck". So why not make it be able to put furniture in it. You could put a table in a room ( bigger the ship is the more rooms there are) and have secret meetings with your friends, or you could make a living room ( I actually have two, one is a buccaneer living room/ dining room combo and the other is home made with a grand piano fireplace couch chairs and other stuff.) for you to hang out. And if the ship has windows you could look and see the sky way out of them as you sail away. You know how people do stuff on YouTube like skits, we'll this would give them whole new options and bring in tons of new players and they would have so much fun ( and already playing people) they would tell there friends and then theirs and so on and so on. it would be allot of work but it would be WELL worth it. This is long so I will stop and do more latter. Bye

Jack nightgale lvl 61 buccaneer