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"ship henchman"

Aug 01, 2014
Ship battles are a bore for me, I really hate having to go through ships. That's why I recommend

Temporary purchasable ships to aid you in battle!

You can only purchase 1 ally ship at a time. Sorry, you can't get a fleet of death.
While flying through the sky, they will follow you. They cannot engage in battles themselves, and only battle when you enter a battle
When docked, the allied ship will be anchored next to your ship


Will battle 10 ships or 1 hour
Abilities are randomized

Skull Island Ship
(level 1 to 10)
5000 gold / 55 crowns
550 health, 30 ship damage

Monquista Ship
(level 11 to 18)
10000 gold / 110 crowns
967 health, 44 ship damage

Cool Ranch Ship
(level 19 to 38)
22000 gold / 225 crowns
1512 health, 77 ship damage

Mooshu Ship
(level 39 to 48)
55000 gold / 500 crowns
1800 health, 108 ship damage

Aquila Ship
(level 49 to 69)
100000 gold, 1000 crowns
3000 health, 122 ship damage

Valencia Ship / Clockwork Ship (make the armada work for you!)
(level 70+)
200000 gold, 2000 crowns
3500 health, 160 ship damage

Any questions or comments? Feel free to ask! Thanks for reading!

Pirate Overlord
Mar 16, 2012
This is a great Idea, Alex Firepyre, and could actually work! I would like to offer one change to it, however.
Just as we can only buy henchmen during a battle, then I suggest that this Ally Ship idea can only be used during a ship battle ( not as a permanent item ).

Post Edit: and only for Crowns ( less crowns than what you're suggesting & not for gold). Make it more like hiring a henchman.
And NO ship PVP.

Feb 04, 2015