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Ship equipment look options, also player gear

Aug 21, 2009
I think there should be different image options for all pieces of ship equipment. That is to say if you have sails for the heavy bison ship, you should be able to scroll through different image options for the sails and select the one you would like to have your ship look like. The thing is that when I find new parts for my ships I often prefer how the original parts or lesser stat parts looked more than the new ones, I'd like to just scroll through and select how the individal parts look on my ship. Additionally, I think among those parts appearance choices should be holiday themed choices so when Halloween comes around, or Christmas, or whatever players can deck out their ships in holiday celebration. There is also no reason why player gear couldn't also use this system (so far my pirate gear choices look nothing like what I would envision a pirate to look like, so far the game seems to have western cowboy, buhhdist munk, and ninja assassin, but no pirate looking outfits... strange that the game is called pirates given this gear quirk).