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Ship Equipment Going Missing!

Mar 15, 2011
I have sent in 2 bug reports - one during beta, one since the head start, both for the same issue. Some of the ship equipment I have, when I get a new ship, the next time I log in the equips are gone. This happened with crowns ship equips during beta, and stuff that the cutthroat ships dropped since the wipe.

First, KI doesn't seem to be taking this too seriously, but inventory items disappearing will really frustrate and annoy players. They don't seem to read the bug report - they've asked me for the same info that I already provided.

Just now, I was fighting cutthroat ships trying to get 2 of the items I lost back, and I noticed that when I equipped a new wheel on my ship, it treated it like I "got" the old wheel I had previously been equipping back. I saw a notice on the panel saying I received it - like it does when you earn a drop, when that wasn't the case. I think there is something seriously up with how the game treats ship items.

Is anybody else experiencing this problem? I find it hard to believe that I've encountered it twice and nobody else has.

Thank you, pirate. Just a question for you since we're having difficulties reproducing this error, and you haven't had much feedback from other players. Could it be that when you're getting a new ship, the items equipped on the old ship are not shown in the ship inventory once the new ship is equipped because the items are not actually lost but are just hidden on the old ship?

*One-Eyed Jack, Your Pirate101 Community Manager*
May 10, 2010
Sounds to me, like what this person is saying, is that when he is on ship equipment, and he equips the item he wants, it disappears on the right and the old item then appears, which is exactly what is supposed to happen, because you are putting that item on your ship, not in your backpack.

If you unequip it from your ship, you will see that you do have it in your backpack again.

Hope this helps.

Petty Officer
Jan 09, 2010
I too have notice this issue, it seems to be random.

I think one of the problems is that sometimes if you only have one of that type of item (and it's already selected for your ship) when looking at your inventory for a partrical type of item nothing is shown, other times it does shows whats selected.
I found that if you log out of the game and back in, it comes good.