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Aug 21, 2009
My swashbuckler ran out of quests at level 11, and I notice I can see what quests were began and finished in notifications, so I thought I would compare my level 11 notifications with my level 50's to see what quest I must be missing or what quest didn't come up like it should have. The problem is that notifications are only kept for 50 pages. What is needed is a permanent log of quests that were began and concluded, then when quests are missed or quest lines are broken it would be a simple matter to figure out what went wrong or where it went wrong or where a player needs to go to start whatever quest they are missing. In the meantime, please fix my level 11 swashbuckler so I have a quest chain on it, I think the chain broke when a boss failed to be present the first time I entered a vortex quest but I'm not sure.