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Secondary Weapons

Gunner's Mate
Sep 30, 2009
So I had a fun thought the other day and thought I would share.

So for those of you have noticed Ratbeard after his final promotion has a pistol shoved in his belt. And the smuggler arena robe has a pistol strapped to your back. Thats when I thought about secondary weapons! These would NOT be like dual weapons where you go through the whole fight with to weapons and can choose between melee or shooty stuff. This would be a little bit more like in movies where a pirate has a pistol with a single shot they can pull out when they REALLY need it. A secondary weapon we can cary with one speical card attached to it that is maybe outside our class.

So the most obvious example would be the pistol with one shot. Maybe quick shot or canister shot. Or maybe it carries a single set of bombs. Or maybe its a small staff allowing the pirate to cast a single mojo spell. This is a fun idea but it will also make the game a lot more complicated. So Idk if we can do this right away. Mostly I tihnk KI should put this in their idea bank as well as anyone who wants to share their thoughts on the subject.