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scoland aka dragon poland.

Oct 15, 2012
Hello,this is a remake of my first post EVER made. i had an idea for a world involving dragons and poland,i have some changes,but here's my ideas.
first off,here's the first skyway
First Skyway
WarClaw Skyway.(Parody of warsaw city in poland) the entire city is in a skyway,yes it's that big.
WarClaw Confederation.
Warclaw Island
Krakus Island.
Warclaw Castle.
I also have another idea ya know how there were three lost schools in celestia,in warclaw,there is three other pirate classes you can be. scallywag,theif and thug. each are a mixture of two classes. scallywag is a mixture of the witchdoctor and musketeer,theif is a mixture of muskeeter and swashbuckler and thug is a mixture of privateer and bucaneer. the class trainers are:A black dragon who really cant be trusted,heck,you even have to

fight him on your ship the first time you meet him(scallywag),a cat who is essentially like goku from dragon ball z.(Thug),and a skeleton who when he was alive,he was a theif who was never caught because he had a spell that temporarily turned him invisible until he put something on him or set on fire,he eventaully was caught and was hanged in his home.(theif). to be continiued
silver joseph vane
tim burton