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Samoorai Champions missing?

May 29, 2009
I am working on the side quest 'a syonara to arms' and I can't find the Samoorai Champions anyware in Yagizawa Village. All there is is Samoorai Muskateer's & Samoorai Bushi. So I cannot complete this quest at all.

Nov 15, 2009
tsandefer, I think I remember about this quest. The problem is that the quest arrow it shows you on Samoorai Musketeers and Samoorai Bushi isn't it? Open your map to see where the Samoorai Champions are and go there. But still, if you enter into a fight with Samoorai Musketeers or/and Samoorai Bushi, you might also get a Samoorai Champion one or two. But just to "play safe" have a look in your map, they will be near the door where you exit towards your ship (if I remember correct). Do also report it to Support about this.