Sailing from your house's dock.

Mar 23, 2012
Hello again, I'm back again with another suggestion in regards to player homes. I've teleported to my home several times in the past few weeks ( I will get that ring from ch'ok ak'ab) and noticed my ship pulled into my private dock. It looks awesome, but unfortunately that is all it is at the moment.


My suggestion is this. Since you have a spiral door in wizard101 to go to different worlds whenever you please, and the mark and recall function has been implemented, which is extremely useful and very much appreciated, can we please have the ability to set sail from our docked ship and navigate directly into any unlocked worlds from there?

Or in keeping with the idea that sailing is supposed to help you to grasp the sheer magnitude of the spiral, set sail from your house into any unlocked storm gate, since there seems to be no set location within the spiral as to where a player house is located (although personally I like to imagine my house is located a stone's throw away from the imperial palace ).

As always, keep up the good work.