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Rooke's Bulwark + Rooke's Axe = Rooke's Halberd

Oct 26, 2012
I decided to help a friend with a quick run of Rooke. We got Rooke's axe . I was pretty thrilled at getting the drop but was kinda sad the bulwark (his shield) did not come along with it, but instead was a different weapon altogether. I was wondering whether p101 was trying to make 2 seperate types of weapons but after some research discovered that they are the same type: slashy/smashy weapons.

I see no real point in separating these 2 weapons. I did see this issue a while back and a lot of players who have either the bulwark or the axe are disappointed that they don't come together. My question is why are they seperate? Can you please just make either weapon a halberd (axe + shield) for any players who have either bulwark or axe? I really see no point in farming for the bulwark as it does not come with the axe but a simple sword. And if it's a case of stats, no one I know uses Rooke's axe or bulwark by itself, rather they are stitched with other smashy/splashy weapons. So to summarise why I think axe and bulwark should come together:

1.) They are both dual smash+slash weapons. We are not merging weapons of different types.

2.) No one farms these weapons for stats but appearance. Any stats is not significant.

3.) Pls Pls Pretty pls? It would just be a nice treat to see the 2 weapons together.

Jul 07, 2013
I second this.

Virtuous Dante Ramsey

Oct 26, 2012
Well I decided to another run of rooke with my friend, my second one in a long time. And the bulwark dropped. Amazing luck. Now that I have both shield and axe, please make them come together. Also admin this seems more of a shipyards thread since no one answered my question of why the axe and shield come separately, and also since it's me suggesting that rookes axe and shield come together. If this is possible through crafting pls make it happen as well if crafting comes out thanks.

Gunner's Mate
Oct 22, 2015
All glory to the Hypnotoad!