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reposting an idea

Gunner's Mate
Apr 09, 2011
what if we kind of had a ram horn with the holes at the bottom and top and when you blew into it a creature would be summoned, like...

Ram of riptides
recruit sirens
small area
big damage

if you know what i mean there would be new slot and would be kept by the powers in it's own slot. Idk how they would be used yet because of people over using them but i guess you could help me out with that.

elemental horns fire horns have fire going around it and when you blow in some lava will shoot out.
air [ batacudas and such ]
you should also be able to mix two different elements of horns, so like, kraken mixed with meteors can get you a fire kraken with increased power and different looks or lightning meteors. Get where i'm going?