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Re-Tiering Bundle Gear

May 06, 2009
Now, I can't remember if retiering was one of those player suggested ideas that KI's stated they wouldn't do (like making elixirs for gold), but I don't think it hurts to try it.

I think it would be a really good idea if KI decided to make retiering bundle and promotion items possible for both Wizard101 and Pirate101. The reason I bring this idea up is because I got the Cutthroat and Boochbeard Bundles some time ago. I redeemed both before the Marleybone and Aquila update and now I'm disappointed that they're not up to date. I think it would wonderful if KI considered the idea down the road. Here's what I was thinking Retiering would work:

*Retiering would only be possible for Bundle items or promotional items that came in tiers, not Hoard pack items.
*You could Retier an item at any tier you like, higer or lower.
*If a Bundle item is retired, you can only Retier the item to the max of that Bundle. This way KI doesn't need to keep updating retired items for those few player's who own it, which I think is fair.
*If you Retiered gear, you'd Retier the entire set since they came together. You would not need to have all the pieces in one place to do so.
*Retiering would cost Crowns as you're changing the dynamics of an item to suit your needs.

Here's how I see the actual action of retiering working. So say you had a Bundle item, let's say the Cutthroat Bundle for example, and you had the Cutthroat Boots at level +30.
-When you clicked on the Boots, you would see a green Crowns Icon appear. This would indicate the retiering option.
-When you click on it, a message would pop up saying "Would You Like To Re-Tier This Item?" and then you could click 'Yar' or 'Nar.'
-Clicking 'Yar' would take you to the Tier Selection page you saw when you redeemed the bundle. For the Boots, you would not only retier the Boots, but also the Robe and Hat. This would happen if you had clicked on the Hat or the Robe as well.
-In the Tier Selection page, you would now see a Crowns Price Tap. The Crowns price tells you how much Retiering costs. The price changes based on what tier you wish to get, but every item's retiering would cost the same. A higher tier will cost a little more than a lower tier. I thought a starting price of 100 would be ok for Tier 1 and then rises by 75 for each higher Tier would be fair.
-Once you selected the Tier you'd like to get, you click it and then a new message would read "Would You Like To Redeem This Tier?" with the same 'Yar' or 'Nar' answer choices. If you clicked 'Yar' then you would buy your new Tier and your old one would be replaced.

I probably wrote more than necessary, but I wanted to give a clear understanding of the idea. I hope it's worth looking into. I think it is. Thank you for your consideration!

Petty Officer
Feb 24, 2012
Shiver me timbers on 'tis idea, 'tis ol'scurvy pirate gets confounded that be all I can take wit' thin's th' way they be!

just sayin' me stats management be tough that be all I can take fer now, ugh

ugly hope leech