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Ranked PvP would be made more interesting with more companions

Sep 04, 2018
It would sure shake things up a bit more if starting companions for each player in a match are randomly selected as 3, 4, or 5. That isn't to say that one player would have a different number than any other player, just that you don't know how many companions you will get to play with until the match starts, and everyone starts with the same number.

It would be fun to have a large 1 vs 1 pvp match with both sides controlling six characters controlling up to six units each, upon randomly generated pvp boards. Or do what Wizard101 does, and have a different board representing each different world, and have which one is used be random.

There is just so very much that can be done to spice up PvP, and if new worlds aren't being made, or made at all frequently or consistently over time, then we need some really good PvP and other such end game play to keep everyone interested.