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Rank 4 combat attribute talents need an increase

Dread Pirate
Jun 13, 2011

After training my companions' combat attribute talents to their recent rank, that is to say, rank 4 of their attributes, such as Rough (Rank 4), Spooky (Rank 4), Tough (Rank 4), Spirited (Rank 4), Agile (Rank 4), Strong (Rank 4), I've realized they're the same as their previous Rank 3's attribute stats, & I still can't figure out some talents' recent rank descriptions being accurately higher than Rank 3's stats, so, if there are some that are incorrectly described, please sort that out, once you see every attribute talents' rank 4 stat descriptions, of course. I think that these may be stat & description bugs. Also, to state out the point of my request, the attribute talents' Rank 4's stats needs to be slightly increased so that they will be properly giving any companions that have trained these talents' higher ranks a little boost to their stats & effectiveness in combat.

Hope you can do that request sometime soon, if you please. Should be easy to do, yes?

Thanks again for listening!