Questions about criticals, ship attacks, etc.

Jan 02, 2012
1. How is the chance for critical Hits calculated by the computer? What factors are involved and how do they weigh in the algorithm?
2. How are ship-to-ship attacks calculated by the computer? What factors are involved and how do they weigh in the algorithm?
3. How much do Epic 3 talents raise or lower accuracy and dodge?

4. What is the chance that Vengeance Strike 3 or True Grit 3 will stun the attacker? And what is the actual effect of stun (I think it keeps epics from triggering again)?
*One Eyed Jack, If this sort of question should be addressed to another staff member or on a different message board, please say so. And If KI doesn't want us to know this sort of thing, you can just close this thread.

To answer your side question, Ratbeard would be a good person to ask those questions to except for number 2, which would be best answered by Dockmaster Dan.

I can't guarantee answers from the developers on these questions, and if players would like to weigh in, that would be completely acceptable. (I'll be sure to forward them along; however, we are very busy in the back channels at the moment.)


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Mar 10, 2009
Here is a great thread for the criticals one that was yarred by Ratbeard so it should be of some help.

1. Here's another great thread for criticals:

3. Which epics? It varies.

4. Base 35%, with a bonus for high stats.

To answer question 2, Dockmaster Dan provided the following information:

“For ship to ship attacks we first calculate if the attack hits. The chance to hit is based on the power used. This chance is further affected by the attacker's Accuracy and the defender's Defense.

For calculating damage we start with the ship Damage stat. This amount is then modified by the power used and the defender's Armor.“

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