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Questing Requests

Gunner's Mate
May 13, 2009
Throughout the game, dungeons with the new team up feature is really helpful in allowing pirates to be with other pirates? Should there be a similar feature with other quests? Of course! For other quests, there should be a matching system but a bit different from team up. When you log into the game and start to play, a notification comes onto the screen saying PIRATE X is on the same main quest as you, request PIRATE X to complete QUEST X with you? (Opt. 1)

Genius? You might never be alone on a main quest again. Now of course if there are no pirates at all on the same main quest as yourself (Very unlikely unless you are online at a weird time), a notification could say, PIRATE X is one quest ahead of you. Catch up to PIRATE X? (Opt. 2)

Now when both pirates accept with Opt. 1, both are teleported to the same location together near where the quest is. With Opt. 2 if both accept, the pirate a quest ahead is notified and both teleport near where the pirate a quest behind is located.

Petty Officer
Jul 06, 2010
There's a point where I have to ask if this is necessary. I mean, putting in the Team Up feature for all dungeons/instances/sigil fights is already fairly comprehensive. Plus, those are intended to give you additional help in particularly difficult fights. Putting a Team Up feature on the entire game seems a bit excessive, especially since it's mostly intended to give you a hand in fights that are meant to be tougher than average.