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Quest: Saving Mustang Sally bugged

Jan 10, 2010
Fort Elena is making me mad.

I have tried the quest 3 times with my partner and all 3 times, at some point the quest gets broken.

Once, we got to the end and their was no Sally, and twice now the Corporal Kegg has disappeared and we cant fight him to move the quest forward.

Kinda sad/angry as this is a main line quest

Hi! Can you give me some more information about this bug you're running into?

Were you soloing the instance or were you grouped? Did you enter the encounter through the sigil or did you teleport to friend already in the instance? Our Quality Assurance is trying to track down the specific bug, and they're looking for a little bit more information. Any additional details you could provide me would be helpful.


*One-Eyed Jack, Your Pirate101 Community Manager*