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Quest problems

Oct 23, 2012
I am doing my second character and I'd like to let you know about some problems I have found.
1. Skull island early quests there was trouble getting the quest arrow to work. I tried to get it to work through the shortcut keys and through the options panel at the top. I have also been running into other people that are having the same problem.
2. In the hunt for Gunn's treasure, before you go to the battle at the Hoo Doo house, the quest shows that one of the rewards is a skiff, but once you battle the witchdoctor, it changes to show his image instead of the skiff. If you didn't intend to give a skiff as a reward that needs to be fixed. I was disappointed both times.
3. At Flotsom, if I changed realms, sometimes it would through me back to the dock and others it was leave me where I was standing.
4. Lots of times I have entered the gate to the docks and find myself standing and stuck in thin air. Happened three times on Jonah (actually ended up on the whales tail with looked cool). Has happened other places, but those are the most often. I have to use my port buttons to get out, because I am stuck otherwise.

Just an FYI.


Aug 21, 2009
Perhaps there are problems that those who have finished one character and started another are experiencing. I finished all the quests on my musketeer and started a swashbuckler. At level 11, I don't have any quests at all to do except the Zeke quest which I can't finish cause I cant get into Gold Mine and am dead in the water with no quests at all to do. I am unable to proceed.