Quest list improvement (maybe haha)

Mar 08, 2009
So heres the back story first, then ill get to the suggestion...

Im cooking right a long leveling up in cool ranch, was having a bit of trouble with some quests, but nothing i couldn't manage (ie: a Challenge! which is the point after all )

I started a chain of quests from Cogburn (the rooster and john wayne type, in the sheriffs office). Im thinking no problem, as the first couple or so bad guys went down. When I got to the quest "The Weasel", i was floored when I walked into the cave (located in the Junction) and was set upon by ORANGE bad guys! Once the fight started, I saw I had a 4 bad-guy-group of 26 and 27 level critters! I was but 22 myself!! My companions were mostly 20's with a scattering of 19's and some low ones in the mid teens. With luck of the draw for companions, I had pulled all 20's from my companion list... but to avail we lost the fight. The good news, we dropped 3 of the 4 before I finally went down. I was proud of that fact. (if not a bit of yumyum filled luck!! )

So here is my suggestion... if we get COLORED names for critters, and know that a YELLOW named critter is about my level and a challenge, and that an ORANGE colored critter is above my level and will likely result in the death of my toon and companions.... perhaps there is a way to so list QUESTs in our quest list.

As it stands right now, I really have no easy way of determining a quests power as it relates to level. Such an addition would certainly help in determining what quests I can do and what I cant do, as well as telling if I need to ask my friends for help BEFORE the fight begins.

Dec 21, 2009
I had the same thing happen to me but with scorpians. I think the best soluation also will be to let us see what lvl they are before entering the battle. If we click on a ship we can see the lvl, the same should be for the mob fights as well.

Also I have had two quest were it was collecting concerning enemies in certain skyways, I run into the correct one only to get one of that type, and u want me to that 10 times?! a typical battle on battle lvl vs lvl of pirate that is the same or close, that is very tedious, and annoying. I shouldnt have to spend a hour fighting for a collect quest, and i had on lvl approitate gear, had three aoe's, companions only at most two lvls behind my pirate, still took that long. Not to mention the dogde rate on the enemies seem alot higher then what is availble to my companions and myself. I am long time player of ur other game wizards, and read the fansite on what I need for gear, so this isnt an unexperience player talking either. This is one of the reason I will probably not be renewing my sub, it is a annoyingly tedious for a mob fight.