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Quest issue

Jul 08, 2009
I am trying to get wood and sugar from banditoad ships. As of typing this, I have fought 37 of them on their ships, I have 1 sugar and no wood. At this rate I will have to fight 296 of them for 8 things of sugar and even more for wood. Why do these quests? The reward is nowhere worth the effort you must put in. I am hoping this is some kind of glitch as these numbers seem way off in comparison to other quests.

Hi! Can you verify the name of this quest for me? I believe you're talking about "Trouble times: Banditoad Baggage"?

*One-Eyed Jack, Your Pirate101 Community Manager*
Petty Officer
Feb 24, 2012
well silverdragonn,

i have run into many spots, although sorry to say, i can not remember which quests, lol, but they just went on and on and on...never collecting.

i tried changing realms, going on to another quest, coming back to the stalled quest...left posts etc etc

got feedback, tried again, just seems sometimes you get stuck

eventually they collected but so many times i have found this to be happening

i just want you to know that i understand your frustration, giggle

just keep hammering at the scurvy dogs!